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My homemade organic rose water is made with only 2 ingredients - 100% pure steam distilled water and organic rose petals. It is very concentrated, ( you can tell by the deep color) but you can always dilute to your preference as well.

 Rose water has many uses and benefits to the skin. Here are some examples - •Soothes irritated skin, and reduces inflammation.

  • Reduces skin redness
  • Has powerful antiseptic & antibacterial properties that help prevent & treat infections as well as heal cuts/scars/burns •Contains powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage and keeps skin looking younger •Has strong antidepressant & anti- anxiety effects •Relieves headaches

 You can use rose water as a facial toner (simply apply after washing your face) Or as aromatherapy by placing rose water on your wrists, face or even on your pillow.



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  • Organic Rose Water & Facial Toner
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