“Big Red” Waist Beads with clasps Red Beads

“Big Red” Waist Beads with clasps Red Beads

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Waist Beads with clasps Red promotes: sexual energy, adventure, passion, spontaneity and danger 

1 Per strand waist beads.

Waist beads are custom made to desired size. PLEASE LEAVE EXACT WAIST SIZE IN NOTE SECTION UPON CHECKING OUT.

•••••25-60 inches•••••

*They are made with elastic beading cord and clear stretch cord with clasps.

Beads are glass, gemstones, plastic beads, shell beads and porcelain & ceramic material.

*Period Tracker: beads roll up when you start bloating.

*Weight Management: when gaining weight, the belt rolls up. When you lose weight, it falls around the hips.

*Posture Correction: while sitting, tugging will help you become more aware of your stomach and back posture.